Realise your dreams with equity release! 

Realise your dreams with equity release! 

Would you love to have more financial freedom, enjoy your retirement, and do the things you have wanted to achieve for years? I can help residents in Hampton Court, Hampton or East & West Molesey achieve exactly that, with independent and impartial advice tailored to the person's needs, aspirations, and circumstances. A lifetime mortgage is the most popular way to release funds from your house in an affordable and flexible way. 
There are many schemes across the market that offer relatively low interest rates. These mortgages are not fixed term, as they may have been when the house was purchased. They run until the last owner, in the case of co-owners, passes away or goes into residential care. While the mortgage is live, you can pay the interest as you go or leave it to accumulate. When the person passes away, the beneficiaries can either raise the funds to clear the mortgage and keep the house, or alternatively sell the house, and any remaining equity after the lender has been paid is shared among the beneficiaries. 

How I work for you 

How I work for you 

I like to take time to get to know you. I always prefer, at some point in the process, to meet face to face, preferably in the comfort of your own home. I have your best interests at heart, and the advice I give is always impartial and independent. You won’t feel pressured, and I always suggest and encourage clients to talk everything through with family or perhaps a close friend. 
Like any product, there are positives and negatives. However, when we have our appointment, I will go through all the aspects of these so you can make the best decision to suit you and your circumstances. 
It is an important decision, and I will ensure we thoroughly explore all options and explain everything you need to know, so you can make an informed decision. As I have said before, I always encourage my clients to discuss this with friends and relatives, especially those who may already have looked at equity release. If you decide to proceed, I will find you the right product for your individual circumstances. 
When it comes to the upside of the lifetime mortgage, one of the main ones is that you can live in your home, and indeed do with it as you wish. The property remains in your name until it is sold when the time comes. Speaking of the sale, there is a no negative equity guarantee, so you will never be in a position where the equity release is greater than the value of the home. Plus, there are products I can choose should you wish to protect the amount of equity your beneficiaries receive. 
Once an amount of money has been agreed that you may receive, how you take that is completely up to you. You could withdraw the whole sum, decide to take a certain value every month or year, or simply withdraw money on an ad-hoc basis. The interest due can also be treated in similar ways. You can leave the interest to accrue, pay it off monthly, or pay some interest off on an ad-hoc basis if you felt like it during the term. would remain at a fixed amount for the duration. 
As with most financial products there are terms and conditions to consider and I will set these out for you in full detail. 

The benefits of lifetime mortgages 

The benefits of lifetime mortgages 

Retained ownership 

The property will remain in your name until it is sold. 

Protected equity 

You can choose a product that allows you to protect a certain amount of equity, so your beneficiaries are guaranteed an inheritance. 

No negative equity guarantee 

Whatever happens to the value of your home, your beneficiaries will never have to pay more than the value of the property. 

Choose how to receive the money 

You can choose how to receive the money that is released. This can be in a lump sum, in regular payments, or a combination of the two. You can also opt for a drawdown facility that enables you to take out ad-hoc sums in the future. Interest will only start to accumulate once you actually receive the money. 

Nothing to repay (unless you wish to) 

You do not have to repay any of the money or interest until the last person moves into long-term care or passes away. However, if you wish to service the interest monthly or in ad-hoc repayments, you can do this. 

You do not need to move home 

Lifetime mortgages allow you to stay in the home you love and to use the money exactly how you wish. 

Fixed interest rates 

Interest rates are usually fixed for the duration of the loan. 
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